Invitation to Alphapreneurs to participate

  • We shall promote the event and invite all start-ups/ businesses who are either :
    • Working in an innovative and new area, solving problems previously unsolved, or
    • Working in an existing area with a new and innovative business model.
    And such people, we call Alphapreneurs
  • There shall be a [CRITERIA for eligibility for application (+) A Nominal Fee ] (The purpose would be to filter out non-innovative businesses, non-serious people or other undesirables)
  • The startups would have to fill a Detailed REGISTRATION FORM, where we will try to get the most details about their venture, its innovativeness, and other nitty-gritties.

We shall hold a workshop for all the startups who have applied, around 1 weeks before the expo.

  1. There will be a general training for startups, on topics as we may plan.
  2. Specifically, we shall also Train them to prepare a We shall invite any expert to lecture them and help them in preparing one for themselves. (Best BMCs shall also be awarded in the main event)
  3. Based on the REGISTRATION FORMS, we shall shortlist around 40-50 startups for FACT_TO_FACE_INTERVIEW by JUDGES, to be held after the workshop on the same day. This interview shall form the basis of choosing around 5 BEST Startups, who will get an opportunity to pitch in the expo.
  4. All the startups present in the workshop shall be informed that they can put up their stalls in the exhibition, subject to a payment of a separate fees, and on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. We shall determine the number of participants that we would entertain and the fees that they would have to pay, as per the space availability and our budget.

The Expo

  • The various aspects of the expo shall be as described at the top of the document.
    There shall also be special HELP DESKS for Startups.
  • They shall be put up by some agency that we would select
  • They shall inform the startups regarding
    • Legal Issues
    • Technical Know How
    • Any other vital information that might help them

Alphapreneur Startup Conference and Expo

Alphapreneur Startup Expo, 2017 is Central India’s First ever startup expo to be held at such a mass level. It will exposing startups of 3 major states of Central India ie Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand. It will provide stage and a platform to all those budding startups to present themselves in front of big Corporates, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Incubation centres of the states. It will provide an ecosystem where startups and students can:

  • Grow with the market
  • Share resources of each others
  • Get directions from Mentors and Incubators
  • Raise seed funds for their ventures
  • Get exposure in their field by meeting different experts of the domain

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Our Initiatives

  • Alphapreneur Startup Expo'16

    This was the first startup expo of Central India organised in collaboration with TEDxPandri Startups featured in conference, who got mentor support and funding

  • Entrepreneurship Tour'17

    This was organised in collaboration with IIT Bombay and some premium institutes of Central India to expose undergrad students to entrepreneurship and how it can be strategically pursued. This was organised with aim to Create the Ecosystem where entrepreneurs of tomorrow and ideators can come together can exchange their ideas, learn from experiences of each others and receive guidance from experts and mentors while also getting a chance to visit the biggest entrepreneurship summit of Asia at IITBombay.

  • Alphapreneur Chhattisgarh Startup Tour

    "The Unique Startup Tour where Nature meets Entrepreneurship" Entrepreneurship is just not about app and web but it's about solving the real problem be it an overflow tap or addressing a socio-economic problem To address this we set on to explore the hidden jewel of India which is natural and scenic BASTAR with wildlife enthusiastic, nature experts and our community of entrepreneurs. While exploring the different aspects of this region with ages old tradition and culture, we will also interact with leading ideas from this region via two Startup Conferences at Jagdalpur and Datewada which are unique in their own way, so that they get representation and exposure at wider level.

Be an Alphapreneur Ambassador

Do you have a burning desire to work for your dreams? Enhance your skills by working with innovators, change makers domain experts in various fields to "change your world of dreams to implementation" Be an "Alphapreneur Campus Ambassador" for the Central India's First ever Startup Conference and Expo'17

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Program Structure of

Startup Expo

An Exhibition

Where startups would be allowed to put their stalls.

Talks by Speakers

Technical etc.


Selected startups would deliver their presentations


Various awards and recognition under different categories


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