About Us


Alphapreneur is a non-profit community of artist, entrepreneur and change-maker's who have vision, risk taking abilities and will to empower society and other people along with them.

Alphapreneur as a community believe's that the only goal that a person born in this planet has is solving problems of each other, otherwise he or she would have born alone in this world. Community which is not guided by sex, caste, religion, nationality or any other such discrimination factor but by innovation, ability to think different, lead, solve problems, help each other to grow and live a more connected and beautiful life is the essence of alphapreneur.


Alphapreneur Start-up Conference and Expo 2017 to be held in Raipur on Oct. 7, 2017. This will serve as an innovation platform for start-ups, corporates, passionate students and government/ private bodies.

It’s an exhibition for different solutions to problems that are breaking grounds in this century and needed to be solved, a forum for sharing knowledge and a networking hub for private/government bodies, organisations and individuals.

It brings the smartest ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of start-ups, innovation hubs, accelerators and together with governments, policy makers, industry leaders, consultants and experts. This unique audience has the influence and intelligence to power faster social and economic development, create collaborative opportunity and stimulate industry growth.

I'm convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the nonsuccessful ones is pure perseverance."

by Steve Jobs

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

by Peter Drucker


‘Alpha’preneurs are those Entrepreneurs, who have some distinguishing characteristics from their fellows. Alphapreneurs are those, who fearlessly innovate, when the world is pessimistic; who build upon their passion, when everyone else is happy with the status quo; and those who are determined to bring about a positive and lasting change in the way things run in this world.

OUR Community

The Alphapreneur community is a community of such aspiring Alphapreneurs, aimed at providing an excellent platform for everyone to share their amazing ideas without fear of being judged, to be able to further sharpen their grand vision with the help of mentors, and to share resources that shall help to work upon.

Our Team

We are a group of skilled individuals

Ankita Mandhyan
I'm Designer of my Destiny

Abhay Rathore
I Scribe Code and Logics

Tushar Vadera
I Curate and Check if things are in place

Dushyant Janghel
I Connect with Market and is a Communicator

Himani Bahar
I Build Relations

Utkarsh Garg
I Write to Strengthen Relationships of the People

Sriti Patra
I Analyze Market and Situations

Prakhar Jain
I Research. Is that not enough?

Rajiv Roy
I Advice

Gaurav Singh
I Advice